Man in the White Robe

Here is a Riddle...


Little so far has been discovered about the man in the white robe except that he has, as far that is known, been destroyed. What is known is that he was the ruler of the Desert of Lost Hope, held an affinity for riddles, and killed the shard.

As a lord of the Desert he ruled by using genjutsu style illusionary methods to make the desert intraversable. Upon meeting his victims he gives them riddles in order for them to escape or die. He also grants information to the successful. What is known of his information is that he stated that the shard was the fake shard and an impostor. However, this is debated amongst party members.

As for his deceit, he is also a Vampire lord. He was the owner of the missing sword of the Shard of which he corrupted into a vile weapon. During combat he used his power to remove the head of the Shard. Soon after he was defeated by the party, as far as we know.

Also, it is to be noted that he is not the destroyer of the city of Viacal due to his white robe in contrast to the Red robe described by the survivor of the city’s destruction.

He was recently confirmed to be a servant of The Necromancer of Southshore,

Man in the White Robe

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