Rasciel, the Necromancer

The Necromancer of Southshore


Born in the town of Southshore, this man corrupted both the rats of The Green Lizard Inn, and the people of Southshore. It HAD been confirmed that The Man in the Red Robe and The Necromancer are one and the same, but the party learned the truth. At his death, we found out that Rasciel was the son of Rarick, and the brother of Corwin Grayswandir.

NECROMANCER: Ahhh. At last. You finally arrive. I’ve heard much about you, from my informants, of course. Then again, I’ve seen your work personally. Those were quite the rats you took out at the inn. Pity, they were the first creatures I corrupted. But then I moved on to humans, capturing all of Southshore under my control. As long as I live, their actions are controlled by my will.

Two devils step out of the shadows next to him

Not yet, not yet. You just don’t understand do you? There is such power to be had in necromancy.

A strange noise comes from the corner and a pile of bones rises to become a skeleton with four arms

And of course, the living dead. Ahh… a few of this town found this place. Those who made it past the traps… well, here they are. Three undead minions rise You see, there is so much power in revenge through torture. (Screaming) You still don’t understand, do you? I am the once who has been hurt! Not them! Their godforsaken Mayor broke into my home years ago! He attacked and raped my wife, killing her in the process as I was bound by his guards, forced to watch! But he is here now… ready to die for his sins against me.

Suddenly, a thick rope drops from the center of the room and into a secret passageway directly below it. As it slowly rises you can see a tuft of hair coming out of the hole

MAYOR: *Please!!! Help me! I’ve done nothing!

He is struggling to keep his feet on the sides of the hole, and you can now see the rope around his neck. His body is covered in scraped an bruises, and he is covered in his own blood.

(As the Mayor comes full head out, facing the Necromancer, the necromancer gives off another evil glimmering smile)

NECROMANCER:* Do you remember me, dear Mayor. On that night, so long ago when you broke into my happy home, killing my soul and raping my wife. She died hours later… did you know that? Rascial, the simple bard whom you destroyed! But now you, Rostifer, will FEEL MY PAIN!

That is all that is known about this man. It is believed that he is now dead, killed by The Green Lizard Inn Party. Zane showed you his head, and told you that they killed him.

Rasciel, the Necromancer

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