The Azure Tome

The Sixth Night

An epic battle took place, after The Man in Red challenged the party. He summoned undead minions, called forth from the plagued waters.

The Man in Red called up a shield to defend himself, and kept many attacks at bay. The party fought vigilantly, with Oris Malum taking out multiple zombies singlehandedly, finally scoring killing blows. The rest of the party fought likewise, and Zion scaled the building to attack The Man in Redhimself. The Man in Red used his abilities to mutilate one minion into a flying creature to chase after Zion. Seeing this attack fall through, The Man in Red was forced to sacrifice many of his weaker minions, and the party watched in horror as they detached themselves to create a huge undead beast. The Man in Red hid behind his monstrosity, until the party was able to severely weaken it. Finally, with the book within his range, Rarick was able to land a killing blow on the creature, brining it down.

However, The Man in Red revitalized the body, and stepped into it himself to take control. However, the undead corpse was already severely weakened at that point, and fell quickly. The Man in Red’s body slowly decayed, showing nothing but a small, pathetic dwarf. The party asked him who he was, and he only spit at them in return. They smacked him and demanded information, upon which the dwarf removed a small dagger from his pocket and plunged it into tis skull, committing suicide.

However, all hope was not lost. Rarick was able to revive the dwarf’s corpse in order to ask it three questions. Any more may destroy his body, and he would fall back into the underworld.

The party asked:

Tell us about yourself. -I was known as Thomas Stranghorn, and I am an Eladrin. Constantly abused because of my small stature, and I was shunned by my community, and hated all that I knew. I finally found a way to escape, and I was offered a chance to escape my predicament, to gain power, a man named Rasciel gave me power, and and I swore my life to him to help him in his quest.

What do you want with the book? -I stole it in order to give it to my master.

Who do you answer to? -Rasciel, The Necromancer of Southshore.

Their questions answered, the party did their best to squeeze out more information. Zion asked if Thomas controlled the zombies, and he told them that he did. Finally, Zion asked where The Necromancer is now, but at that point, the body collapsed to the ground, unable to stay connected to this realm.

The Fifth Night

Shortly after defeating the Trogdolytes, the party laid down to rest. However, soon after they awoke they realized the absence of their long time comrade, Cerros. The muscular barbarian was nowhere to be found, but the party had no time to spare. They pressed onward, in hopes that they would be able to find their companion.

The party slowly trudged through the water, coming eventually to a place where river water met sewer water. Disgusted by the filth, the party slowly moved forward, only hurrying when they heard shouts from an indistinguishable source.

A seven foot tall woman stood, surrounded by Wights, screaming battle cries. The party ran to the black and white woman’s aid, and helped her defeat her foes. When asked about the situation, she said only that her name was Ebonii, and that she had come down here to search for her lost boyfriend. The party believed she was stalling for something else, but accepted her answer and continued onward.

A pile of slime stood before the entrance to the main sewer chamber, and it was found to contain a ruby worth 500 gold coins. Quite the find. Entering the main chamber, the party was greeted by a sickly old man, claiming to have spent his time living there, and he desperately needed their help. They looked the man over, and were unable to find any fault in his character. He lead them towards a corner, where he revealed his true colors and ambushed them, summoning flame skulls to aid him. However, the man was eventually defeated, his his withered body was searched, holding a rather fair sum of coins stolen from sewer-travelers.

Finally, the party arrived at the city after climbing out of the sewer grate. They quickly went to the nearest inn, and took a well deserved rest. The next day was spent haggling with stall merchants, stealing from them with elaborate plots, and failed attempts at sneaking through a house. However, all trade traffic slowly stopped in the town, until they were left alone, with all the inhabitants leaving due to sudden illness.

The silence was nauseating, until the party saw a shape heading towards them. It was their long lost friend, Rarick, who quickly asked them how they got here and if they had seen The Azure Tome. The party was unable to help with any information. Rarick asked if they had drank the well water, but they had not. He warned them that is was poisoned, but before he could go further The Man in Red showed up, and claimed himself to be The Necromancer. He held The Azure Tome in his hands, and challenged the party to battle.

The Fourth Night

The Fourth Night After defeating The Man in the White Robe, the party left the temple and headed to the surface. The ground was littered with dead bodies, and after searching them they found nothing of use. The party started to hear strange noises, and Zion suggested that they high-tail it out of there. So the party left, and began to see flashes of red spots appearing throughout the town as they left. Eventually, Cerros tried to catch the blotch, and found it was an imp.

The imp started off only yelling at the party, but eventually was intimidated enough to give the party a few helpful hints. He told them that he served the Man in Red, and that the man in red was actually The Necromancer. The party cringed at this, and attempted to intimidate the imp again. However, they failed terribly and the imp bit Winter who began to smack the imp for doing so. The imp eventually told the party that the Man in Red was heading towards his next target. He was getting there through a secret cave passage. Trying to get more information, the imp finally snapped and attacked the party, eventually getting killed.

Winter Frostmason decided he would check the imp’s body for anything, and proceeded to mutilate the body. After receiving some strange looks from the party, they continued to leave the town and head for the cave. After a days worth of travel, they came to the edge of the cave, where they set up camp and slept for the night.

The night was uneventful, and the party proceeded to enter the cave…

The cave was dark, and the party proceeded slowly but carefully through the cave. The first group they met was Team Bugbear, and they were able to fight them off successfully. They found a powerful shield pin in addition to a fair sum of gold. Continuing in the cave, they found three swarms of spiders that they fought off. They kept going, and found a cape and a small sum of gold. They then broke the cardinal rule, and split the party . Winter decided he was going to go through a dimension door to the unknown. Miraculously, he didn’t teleport into a wall, but instead he teleported into a 40 foot hole, where he could not escape. Zion went to save his buddy Winter, while the rest of the party kept going and fought Slaads. Zion saved Winter, and the two killed a Specter and then split a large sum of gold.

When the party met back up, Winter kindly shared his half of the gold, while Zion remained quiet. The party continued and found a hidden door behind a waterfall, where a stash of gold was hidden.

The party then fought a combined party of Gricks and Trogdolytes. The party killed them, and searched the slime to find both a decent sized pile of gold in addition to a local area’s map.

The Third Night

The Third D&D Night On the third night, you began in the mountains, ready to return to the Shadian Outpost to hopefully be granted access. After much persuasion, threats, and bluffs, the only information you could get out of the guard was that you would only be granted access in the presence of The Shard. You were also able to derive that he was looking for his sword in the nearby mountains.

Led by Cerros, the party went into the mountains, and spent 3 hours looking for signs of life, guided by the light of Winter Frostmason and Erik Sopranothorn. Eventually, you came across a cave in which you were immediately attacked by a Young Green Dragon.

Using your masterful skills, you were easily able to take down the dragon. Upon it’s death, Winter, a dragon-tooth “collector” of sorts, took a tooth from the head of the dead beast and added it to his pouch. After searching a bit more the party then approached a man, and upon exchanging words to one another, he introduced himself as The Shard.

The party then returned to the Outpost with The Shard, and were easily granted access to the small town. A feast was held in his honor, in which some of the party members enjoyed much food and wine. Although the cautious Zion stayed guard around the feast table while the others ate and drank merrily with the exception of the least feastful Winter and Oris. However, this came back to bite the party, as the food was drugged, and a band of human archers raided the Outpost, defeating Zion and the severely impaired Winter and Oris with the same drug in the food.

The party woke up in a dungeon with the mysterious exception of the Shard who had disappeared, Cerros and Zion feeling completely different than before. They had undergone a transformation, Zion grew darker and became a Drow, and Cerros grew larger, harrier and more agressive as a minotaur. The transformation puzzled the group. It turned out that the dungeon was actually the temple of the outpost barricaded on all entrances. In there you rediscovered your missing weapons and fought two zombies. One barricade was destroyed and the party proceeded onward. They entered a large stairwell with arcane lightning flowing through the center of the staircase. The party then battled zombies.

After fighting three different zombies, and undergoing the realization that zombies dont die by normal means, the party came across a room with 4 coffins. After much debate amongst the party it was decided that Winter Frostmason and Zion would go up the booby trapped steps to check on the room and perhaps destroy the traps. However, through common knowledge of Winter and the stealth of Zion the only option discovered was to destroy each coffin, even if two were traps. Knowing that the only option would be to open all of the coffins, the party fashioned individual stakes and stabbed into the open coffins. Two of these triggered crossbow traps. A spirit rose from one of them, eventually taking the form of the man the party had met in the desert. Almost immediately the man took the form of a Vampire Lord, engaging the party in epic combat.

Through the corruption, brain-washing, blood-sucking, surge-healing, and cheap-shotting, the party eventually defeated the Vampire, returning him to a white suit (thus making him not the powerful wizard in red who destroyed the town of Viacal, but the man from the Desert of Lost Hope )but at the cost of the life of The Shard, who had rushed into the tomb after disappearing since the drugging of the Feast. The Vampire Lord dropped the sword of the Shard which had been corrupted and when picked up by Cerros was almost instantly snatched by the inquisitive Zion, however, it reacted to his touch and became bound to him, leaving him in a most unusual predicament. Upon leaving the tomb through a hidden entrance it was discovered that the population that was turned into vampires returned to humans but still lay dead in the streets. From there it ended….for now.

The Second Night!

The Second D&D Night You climb out of the trapdoor to see Viacal destroyed. Looking around, you find a survivor and talk to him. He tells you that a man in red destroyed the city single-handedly. He tells you that the creature had no head, and summoned a bone horse from the ground. He gives you a map, and tells you that the man headed towards The Apocalic Plains Searching more finds rations for you, and Winter Frostmason finds a sword bent into strange shapes with the name Zane engraved onto it. You leave the city, and head North towards a earthen plot where you think you could get across the water. You travel through the mountains, find a magical hatchet and fight bats. You also wander into a cave where a baby blue dragon sleeps. Zion steals some of the gold while not waking up the dragon. The travel through the mountains takes two days.

When you leave the mountains, you find a forest and build a raft after using the hatchet, blueprints found in the forest, canvas, and rope. You set sail that night.

You wake up, to find you’ve drifted far off course, and set sail towards the other side of the water. You fight off some fish on the way, and get some rations for the day. You arrive at the other side, and place your raft up high enough to keep it from the water. You sleep that night, and head towards the plains that morning.

You travel that day, and end at the edge of the desert.

You travel through the desert for several days, with the mountains just a half-day’s travel ahead of you, but you can never seem to get there. Eventually, a man comes out of the desert and offers you help if you can solve his riddle. You solve it, and gain some interesting information on the Shadian Outpost and The Shard. The man tells you that The Shard is not the true Shard,but an impostor. You are able to escape the desert, and head towards the Shadian Outpost.

The next days take you to the Shadian Outpost, and you are unable to enter the town, but the guard tells you that you should try to go to the nearby mountains to stay. You head out towards the mountains.

The First Night!
The Blog for The Azure Tome

The First D&D Night The group arrived at the city of Lathenes, not knowing one another. Rarick met you at the front gate, and gave you a quick tour of the city, despite Zion’s rude remarks. He lead you to The Ivory Tower where the The Azure Tome was kept. Zion attempted to pick up the book, to no avail. The tome was too heavy for him, and he brought out the books guardian. The group then left and headed for the Sparkling Tavern. At the tavern, they met up again with Rarick and sleep the night.

You awake, to see that the entire town is outside, at The Ivory Tower. You approach, to see that Zane,Aven,Miladron,Jokana,Rhagnar, and Zexion have pledged to find the book. Talking to them, Zane shows you several dead bodies that he carries around. (Freak) Suddenly, the ground begins to shake and orcs attack The Ivory Tower. You attempt to hold them off, but are quickly overrun. Rarick tells you to run to the forest to the south, and avoid the main roads. He tells you he will meet up with you later.

You travel through the woods, and are tricked into drinking wine with Satyrs, who poisoned your drink. You kill them and continue through the woods until you arrive at the city of Tristam. You spend the night at the inn.

You wake up to find that the town is under attack by zombies. The townspeople call upon you to help them barricade the door, and you leave them. You head towards the town’s temple. You get into the temple, and after searching for some time you find the secret passage and escape to Viacal. Upon arriving to Viacal, you find the city in ruins.


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