The Azure Tome

The Eighth Night

The party, if the word applies, left the cave shattered, with only Winter Frostmason and Erik Sopranothorn left alive after the devastating fight with the White Dragon. Rarick lead the party on, and they stopped only upon hearing a strange noise in the brush.

A man stood in the woods, chasing after a strange glittering object. Chasing this man down let the party discover who he was, in fact a man by the name of Koza Vela. He was chasing after the strange glittering object in front of him, which seemed to be a strange metallic bird. The party joined Koza Vela in his chase, and finally stopped as the bird perched upon a branch in a clearing, nearby a large metallic statue. The bird then flew towards the statue, and in slow motion into an opening in his forehead. The stature then blinked, and began to speak.

Iron Mask told the party of his origin, and was asked to join them. Both Iron Mask,lovingly known as “Stark”, and Koza Vela joined the party, and continued towards Riar with Rarick as their guide.

They arrived at the town late in the night, where Rarick ran to the front gates, hugged and exchanged greetings with the door keeper, and lead the party inside. They found an inn that would grant them free rest and food due to their friendship with Rarick. Iron Mask spent his night searching the town, and was able to do so without harm due to a message he recorded from Rarick. He discovered that the town’s many shops were closed, and had been told by Rarick that this was due to a dark presence from a strange man going throughout the town, a man the party believed to be Rasciel, the Necromancer.

When the morning rose, the party all met downstairs, reuniting with Ebony who had lost the party, and decided to meet back up with them here. Rarick then told them that they should spend some time in the city while he met with his son. Although the party pleaded, Rarick asked that he have some alone time with his son. They agreed, asked for his location, and explored. Some time passed, and they caught on to a trail. They sent for Rarick, and headed out of the town. They followed the lead until arriving to a seemingly useless board on the floor, but lifting it revealed that it was in fact a secret passageway.

Traveling down the passage, the party dealt with obstacles such as a strange falling door, and minor skeleton minions. Finally chasing down The Necromancer, he blasted a hole in the floor, and began to summon creatures out of his summoning circle. When they arrived, his last words before the fight were, “You’ll never stop me father!”

A terrible battle ensued, where many skeletons and other undead minions were killed, including two skull lords and a zombie hulk. But finally…Rasciel was defeated. The party came up to his bleeding body, and a shattered Rarick asked him why he had done it, why he had corrupted himself for such an evil power. Rasciel told his father that he had to, and then died.

Rarick left the dungeon in a heap of tears, while the party cut Rasciel’s body into the five core pieces, and burnt each of them in a fire outside the dungeon.

When they returned to Riar, they found Rarick crying at a table in the inn, comforted by a man with a pale violet light. He turned and spoke to them. “I am Rarick’s son Corwin Grayswandir. I understand what had to happen to my brother, and I regret it with all my heart. But the deeds that you do serve a higher purpose, and I request that I may join you.”

And so The Azure Tome found a new home, in the city of Riar. But for how long can such a powerful magical object remain safe? For in the world of Adontres...anything can happen.



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