The Azure Tome

The Fifth Night

Shortly after defeating the Trogdolytes, the party laid down to rest. However, soon after they awoke they realized the absence of their long time comrade, Cerros. The muscular barbarian was nowhere to be found, but the party had no time to spare. They pressed onward, in hopes that they would be able to find their companion.

The party slowly trudged through the water, coming eventually to a place where river water met sewer water. Disgusted by the filth, the party slowly moved forward, only hurrying when they heard shouts from an indistinguishable source.

A seven foot tall woman stood, surrounded by Wights, screaming battle cries. The party ran to the black and white woman’s aid, and helped her defeat her foes. When asked about the situation, she said only that her name was Ebonii, and that she had come down here to search for her lost boyfriend. The party believed she was stalling for something else, but accepted her answer and continued onward.

A pile of slime stood before the entrance to the main sewer chamber, and it was found to contain a ruby worth 500 gold coins. Quite the find. Entering the main chamber, the party was greeted by a sickly old man, claiming to have spent his time living there, and he desperately needed their help. They looked the man over, and were unable to find any fault in his character. He lead them towards a corner, where he revealed his true colors and ambushed them, summoning flame skulls to aid him. However, the man was eventually defeated, his his withered body was searched, holding a rather fair sum of coins stolen from sewer-travelers.

Finally, the party arrived at the city after climbing out of the sewer grate. They quickly went to the nearest inn, and took a well deserved rest. The next day was spent haggling with stall merchants, stealing from them with elaborate plots, and failed attempts at sneaking through a house. However, all trade traffic slowly stopped in the town, until they were left alone, with all the inhabitants leaving due to sudden illness.

The silence was nauseating, until the party saw a shape heading towards them. It was their long lost friend, Rarick, who quickly asked them how they got here and if they had seen The Azure Tome. The party was unable to help with any information. Rarick asked if they had drank the well water, but they had not. He warned them that is was poisoned, but before he could go further The Man in Red showed up, and claimed himself to be The Necromancer. He held The Azure Tome in his hands, and challenged the party to battle.



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