The Azure Tome

The Fourth Night

The Fourth Night After defeating The Man in the White Robe, the party left the temple and headed to the surface. The ground was littered with dead bodies, and after searching them they found nothing of use. The party started to hear strange noises, and Zion suggested that they high-tail it out of there. So the party left, and began to see flashes of red spots appearing throughout the town as they left. Eventually, Cerros tried to catch the blotch, and found it was an imp.

The imp started off only yelling at the party, but eventually was intimidated enough to give the party a few helpful hints. He told them that he served the Man in Red, and that the man in red was actually The Necromancer. The party cringed at this, and attempted to intimidate the imp again. However, they failed terribly and the imp bit Winter who began to smack the imp for doing so. The imp eventually told the party that the Man in Red was heading towards his next target. He was getting there through a secret cave passage. Trying to get more information, the imp finally snapped and attacked the party, eventually getting killed.

Winter Frostmason decided he would check the imp’s body for anything, and proceeded to mutilate the body. After receiving some strange looks from the party, they continued to leave the town and head for the cave. After a days worth of travel, they came to the edge of the cave, where they set up camp and slept for the night.

The night was uneventful, and the party proceeded to enter the cave…

The cave was dark, and the party proceeded slowly but carefully through the cave. The first group they met was Team Bugbear, and they were able to fight them off successfully. They found a powerful shield pin in addition to a fair sum of gold. Continuing in the cave, they found three swarms of spiders that they fought off. They kept going, and found a cape and a small sum of gold. They then broke the cardinal rule, and split the party . Winter decided he was going to go through a dimension door to the unknown. Miraculously, he didn’t teleport into a wall, but instead he teleported into a 40 foot hole, where he could not escape. Zion went to save his buddy Winter, while the rest of the party kept going and fought Slaads. Zion saved Winter, and the two killed a Specter and then split a large sum of gold.

When the party met back up, Winter kindly shared his half of the gold, while Zion remained quiet. The party continued and found a hidden door behind a waterfall, where a stash of gold was hidden.

The party then fought a combined party of Gricks and Trogdolytes. The party killed them, and searched the slime to find both a decent sized pile of gold in addition to a local area’s map.



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