The Azure Tome

The Second Night!

The Second D&D Night You climb out of the trapdoor to see Viacal destroyed. Looking around, you find a survivor and talk to him. He tells you that a man in red destroyed the city single-handedly. He tells you that the creature had no head, and summoned a bone horse from the ground. He gives you a map, and tells you that the man headed towards The Apocalic Plains Searching more finds rations for you, and Winter Frostmason finds a sword bent into strange shapes with the name Zane engraved onto it. You leave the city, and head North towards a earthen plot where you think you could get across the water. You travel through the mountains, find a magical hatchet and fight bats. You also wander into a cave where a baby blue dragon sleeps. Zion steals some of the gold while not waking up the dragon. The travel through the mountains takes two days.

When you leave the mountains, you find a forest and build a raft after using the hatchet, blueprints found in the forest, canvas, and rope. You set sail that night.

You wake up, to find you’ve drifted far off course, and set sail towards the other side of the water. You fight off some fish on the way, and get some rations for the day. You arrive at the other side, and place your raft up high enough to keep it from the water. You sleep that night, and head towards the plains that morning.

You travel that day, and end at the edge of the desert.

You travel through the desert for several days, with the mountains just a half-day’s travel ahead of you, but you can never seem to get there. Eventually, a man comes out of the desert and offers you help if you can solve his riddle. You solve it, and gain some interesting information on the Shadian Outpost and The Shard. The man tells you that The Shard is not the true Shard,but an impostor. You are able to escape the desert, and head towards the Shadian Outpost.

The next days take you to the Shadian Outpost, and you are unable to enter the town, but the guard tells you that you should try to go to the nearby mountains to stay. You head out towards the mountains.



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