The Azure Tome

The Seventh Night

The search for The Necromancer continues, leaving the desecrated town of Ratchet, the party finds that all the nearby homes contain nothing but rotting corpses on the beds, leaving them forced to continue traveling and to make camp somewhere else. Their leader Rarick tells them that the best place to take the book would be Riar.As they leave camp, they realize that their companion Ebony has gone missing, yet they persist onward. Finally, they stop for camp and rest.

When they finally awake, the party notices that their guide Rarick has gone missing. Fearing foul play, they trace the magical line left by The Azure Tome and foot prints. They follow it to the edge of a cave, where they see a strange bear sniffing the outside. They discover that the bear is in fact a druid, and they befriend him into helping them find their lost guide.

The party travels slowly into the cave, and every step they take brings harder cold onto their bodies. Finally, they come to the cave’s main chamber where they are able to find a both a dead white baby dragon, and a large white dragon, who is intent on smashing its head against the wall. Upon further investigation, they see that the dragon is trying to get at a small crevice.

The mysterious druid morphed himself into a mouse, and searched the crevice. Upon entering, he found a man that the party recognized as Rarick. When Zion tried to get him out, the dragon caught sight of him, and became even more violent. Finally, The Druid tried to communicate with the dragon, and failed terribly. Offering the dragon his own gold, The Druid and Zion were able to leaver, but when The Druid tried negotiating the release of Rarick, the dragon attacked.

A terrible battle ensued, and three party members were killed by the furious dragon, Oris Malum, Zion, and The Druid. Finally, after much tears were shed, Erik Sopranothorn and Winter Frostmason were able to wake up Rarick, and discover his reason for leaving, that Rarick eats dragon hearts.



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