The Azure Tome

The Sixth Night

An epic battle took place, after The Man in Red challenged the party. He summoned undead minions, called forth from the plagued waters.

The Man in Red called up a shield to defend himself, and kept many attacks at bay. The party fought vigilantly, with Oris Malum taking out multiple zombies singlehandedly, finally scoring killing blows. The rest of the party fought likewise, and Zion scaled the building to attack The Man in Redhimself. The Man in Red used his abilities to mutilate one minion into a flying creature to chase after Zion. Seeing this attack fall through, The Man in Red was forced to sacrifice many of his weaker minions, and the party watched in horror as they detached themselves to create a huge undead beast. The Man in Red hid behind his monstrosity, until the party was able to severely weaken it. Finally, with the book within his range, Rarick was able to land a killing blow on the creature, brining it down.

However, The Man in Red revitalized the body, and stepped into it himself to take control. However, the undead corpse was already severely weakened at that point, and fell quickly. The Man in Red’s body slowly decayed, showing nothing but a small, pathetic dwarf. The party asked him who he was, and he only spit at them in return. They smacked him and demanded information, upon which the dwarf removed a small dagger from his pocket and plunged it into tis skull, committing suicide.

However, all hope was not lost. Rarick was able to revive the dwarf’s corpse in order to ask it three questions. Any more may destroy his body, and he would fall back into the underworld.

The party asked:

Tell us about yourself. -I was known as Thomas Stranghorn, and I am an Eladrin. Constantly abused because of my small stature, and I was shunned by my community, and hated all that I knew. I finally found a way to escape, and I was offered a chance to escape my predicament, to gain power, a man named Rasciel gave me power, and and I swore my life to him to help him in his quest.

What do you want with the book? -I stole it in order to give it to my master.

Who do you answer to? -Rasciel, The Necromancer of Southshore.

Their questions answered, the party did their best to squeeze out more information. Zion asked if Thomas controlled the zombies, and he told them that he did. Finally, Zion asked where The Necromancer is now, but at that point, the body collapsed to the ground, unable to stay connected to this realm.



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