The Azure Tome

The Third D&D Night On the third night, you began in the mountains, ready to return to the Shadian Outpost to hopefully be granted access. After much persuasion, threats, and bluffs, the only information you could get out of the guard was that you would only be granted access in the presence of The Shard. You were also able to derive that he was looking for his sword in the nearby mountains.

Led by Cerros, the party went into the mountains, and spent 3 hours looking for signs of life, guided by the light of Winter Frostmason and Erik Sopranothorn. Eventually, you came across a cave in which you were immediately attacked by a Young Green Dragon.

Using your masterful skills, you were easily able to take down the dragon. Upon it’s death, Winter, a dragon-tooth “collector” of sorts, took a tooth from the head of the dead beast and added it to his pouch. After searching a bit more the party then approached a man, and upon exchanging words to one another, he introduced himself as The Shard.

The party then returned to the Outpost with The Shard, and were easily granted access to the small town. A feast was held in his honor, in which some of the party members enjoyed much food and wine. Although the cautious Zion stayed guard around the feast table while the others ate and drank merrily with the exception of the least feastful Winter and Oris. However, this came back to bite the party, as the food was drugged, and a band of human archers raided the Outpost, defeating Zion and the severely impaired Winter and Oris with the same drug in the food.

The party woke up in a dungeon with the mysterious exception of the Shard who had disappeared, Cerros and Zion feeling completely different than before. They had undergone a transformation, Zion grew darker and became a Drow, and Cerros grew larger, harrier and more agressive as a minotaur. The transformation puzzled the group. It turned out that the dungeon was actually the temple of the outpost barricaded on all entrances. In there you rediscovered your missing weapons and fought two zombies. One barricade was destroyed and the party proceeded onward. They entered a large stairwell with arcane lightning flowing through the center of the staircase. The party then battled zombies.

After fighting three different zombies, and undergoing the realization that zombies dont die by normal means, the party came across a room with 4 coffins. After much debate amongst the party it was decided that Winter Frostmason and Zion would go up the booby trapped steps to check on the room and perhaps destroy the traps. However, through common knowledge of Winter and the stealth of Zion the only option discovered was to destroy each coffin, even if two were traps. Knowing that the only option would be to open all of the coffins, the party fashioned individual stakes and stabbed into the open coffins. Two of these triggered crossbow traps. A spirit rose from one of them, eventually taking the form of the man the party had met in the desert. Almost immediately the man took the form of a Vampire Lord, engaging the party in epic combat.

Through the corruption, brain-washing, blood-sucking, surge-healing, and cheap-shotting, the party eventually defeated the Vampire, returning him to a white suit (thus making him not the powerful wizard in red who destroyed the town of Viacal, but the man from the Desert of Lost Hope )but at the cost of the life of The Shard, who had rushed into the tomb after disappearing since the drugging of the Feast. The Vampire Lord dropped the sword of the Shard which had been corrupted and when picked up by Cerros was almost instantly snatched by the inquisitive Zion, however, it reacted to his touch and became bound to him, leaving him in a most unusual predicament. Upon leaving the tomb through a hidden entrance it was discovered that the population that was turned into vampires returned to humans but still lay dead in the streets. From there it ended….for now.


I love the depth of this.

The Third Night

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