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The First Night!

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The First D&D Night The group arrived at the city of Lathenes, not knowing one another. Rarick met you at the front gate, and gave you a quick tour of the city, despite Zion’s rude remarks. He lead you to The Ivory Tower where the The Azure Tome was kept. Zion attempted to pick up the book, to no avail. The tome was too heavy for him, and he brought out the books guardian. The group then left and headed for the Sparkling Tavern. At the tavern, they met up again with Rarick and sleep the night.

You awake, to see that the entire town is outside, at The Ivory Tower. You approach, to see that Zane,Aven,Miladron,Jokana,Rhagnar, and Zexion have pledged to find the book. Talking to them, Zane shows you several dead bodies that he carries around. (Freak) Suddenly, the ground begins to shake and orcs attack The Ivory Tower. You attempt to hold them off, but are quickly overrun. Rarick tells you to run to the forest to the south, and avoid the main roads. He tells you he will meet up with you later.

You travel through the woods, and are tricked into drinking wine with Satyrs, who poisoned your drink. You kill them and continue through the woods until you arrive at the city of Tristam. You spend the night at the inn.

You wake up to find that the town is under attack by zombies. The townspeople call upon you to help them barricade the door, and you leave them. You head towards the town’s temple. You get into the temple, and after searching for some time you find the secret passage and escape to Viacal. Upon arriving to Viacal, you find the city in ruins.


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The First Night!

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