Winter Frostmason

As of now Snow is the only thing beautiful to me... this world is cruel to all those who believe in a diety.


STR:13 CON:15 DEX:15 INT:18 WIS:15 CHA:13

AC:13 FORT:16 REF:18 WILL:18



FEATS:Linguist,Improved Initiative,Jack of All Trades,Burning Blizzard,Wintertouched

Winter is a Hermit Wizard who hails from the Northern Lands. The land he comes from roughly translates into common as “The Frigid Lands”. These lands are buried in snow and ice. Winter was born to Norman, a farmer and Margret a schoolteacher, together they lived happily on a farm outside the largest city, Folandir. Winter grew up learning how tend to livestock, mend clothes and anything else his parents were willing to teach him. Winter’s best friend was Salvor Frostmourne. Nicknamed Sal by his friends it was obvious he was going to become a Knight. The two of them grew up on their farms and lived the life of normal children, playing Knight and learning how to help around the farm. By the age of eleven Sal had become paige to a local Knight and was training to become a Knight himself. Winter was slated to become a farmer like his father before him. One day the king of Folandir, Richard “The Frozen Hammer” Wallace came around to all the farms, calling the men folk into service of the Army of Folandir. When Winter asked his father what was going on all he was told was that the Armies of the Frigid Lands were going to war… After his father left there was much more work for him to do and so he had to drop out of school. Luckily for him his mother, not wanting to let a good mind go to waste, taught him what he needed to learn at home as well as furthering his knowledge. This went on until he was fifteen. At this time it had been four years since the Armies of the Frigid Lands set off to war. The war was going badly and there were rumors that King Richard had been killed. The city of Folandir decided to elect his brother Arthur Wallace to the throne. Arthur’s tenure lasted only six months, for a Dark Forest Witch who was working for the King of Novilletta assassinated him. The King of Novilletta who had coveted the throne of Folandir now made his move. Gathering his riders from the surrounding hills he brought them down upon the city of Folandir. The Kingless city of Folandir was helpless. In the ashes of all of this came a man named Oliver Cindinatus. He took over the city and conscripted all Squires and Peasants to fight the Riders of Novilletta. Winter not wanting to be left behind rushed after the army with many of the other children. The army was on its way to the Frozen River when The Riders of Novilletta attacked through the Dark Forest. Cindinatus turned his army to meet them and an epic clash began. Just as it seemed Cindinatus’s army would win, a Frost Dragon rose from the woods and flew over both armies. The dragon was known as Frostbite. It spewed Icy Spikes down unto the army below. Cindinatus was killed instantly and the army began to fall apart. In the ensuing chaos the Riders got greedy and charged forth into the wagon lines to loot wounded and helpless. There they encountered Winter and attempted to kill the lone boy, but being resourceful he used his staff to skewer one of the horsemen. The other two Riders now attacked. Winter, frantically trying to move his staff realized all was lost. Then at the last moment a mist appeared and a hand came out of it, freezing both riders instantly. Then the hand turned back towards Winter. He thought he saw the face of a women peering out through the mist. The hand whisked his staff out of the horse and into the mist. Then there was the sound of crackling ice and the staff flew back at him. The staff was heavier now. The hand was making a gesture as if to raise the staff. He did so, and as he did a vein of ice flew out of his hand, up the staff and fired outward in three rays. The hand fell limp and he thought he saw a smile in the mist. The mist then rose up towards the sky and dissipated. The dragon continued to terrorize the caravans and Winter attempted to help them, but found he couldn’t fire anymore rays of ice. As the dragon terrorized more people he heard a cry coming from one of the ruined wagons. He went over to inspect thinking it was some trapped child. To his horror he saw the mangled body of Sal who was unable to speak. Winter was angered by the sight of his dying friend and turned towards the dragon. His mind blazing with anger he thrust the staff upwards and this time, a column of scorching fire came forth from the ground severing the dragons head from its body. It took him another day to get home and when he did he was hailed as a hero. He didn’t feel like one though. He felt alone now that his friend was gone. He ran back to his farm only to see the charred ruins of it. There was a woman in a long dark robe sitting in front of it with a girl. She told him how a Witch named Tabitha destroyed it because he slayed her dragon, Frostbite. The lady introduced herself as Joan and offered Winter a home out in the forest with her and her child. She told him she could grow his powers and teach him many things. She introduced the girl as Elizabeth. After spending twelve years with them Winter left the Dark Forest a more powerful man than ever before. He rebuilt a house on the site of his old home and gave both his parents a proper burial ceremony witnessed only by the woman, Joan and her daughter Elizabeth. Afterward he went inside and did not leave for seven years only seeing Joan and Elizabeth for visitors. In those years he read up on the histories of the Frigid Lands and much of the world around him. After his seven years of silence he came out and did something unexpected, he married Elizabeth. The marriage was not meant to be for although they loved each other Elizabeth was dead within three years right before by Winter’s thirty-seventh birthday. Saddened by her death he moved up north near the Frostgonne Forest. Here he lived for three more years, alone and in the cold wilderness that was the Frigid Lands. At the age of 40 Winter had seen war, fought and killed two dragons, married and grew in power and wisdom. Now the people of the Frostgonne forest came to him. He had to help them with a dragon named Ice Wing, which was terrorizing the forest and killing many people. Grudgingly he accepted their task and refused their gold coin. He trekked up to Rodgers peak where she lived in her massive cave. He came upon five juvenile Dragons, and after dispatching the beasts he entered the cave of the beast. His battle with Ice Wing was the first real fight he had ever had and when the dragon shredded his robe made by Elizabeth he summoned forth all his powers in one devastating attack. With the death of Ice Wing he walked back to the forest. He went back to his house and took his last robe; it was purple. He then grabbed his black staff with a dragons tooth on it, loaded his things up and left. He wandered for 15 more years engaging nine more dragons. He had become, of all things, a dragon hunter. The Frigid Lands were becoming the Hot Sands and his home of ice and snow would soon be gone. Winter then walked south, so far south that he reached the city of Lathenes where he planned to remain for the rest of his days, living among the ‘civilized’ world in this beautiful crystal city. In his new home he made a grave for both his parents and his wife. He considered himself a hermit living alone unless called upon to fight dragons once more. Although now he hoped he would never have to fight ever again…

Winter Frostmason

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