Oris Malum

A warrior who lives by his wits, and fights not with his sword, but with his skill.


STR 17 CON 15 DEX 15 INT 13 WIS 15 CHA 13

AC 19 FORT 16 REF 15 WILL 15


LANGUAGES Common Primordial Abyssal

FEATS Weapon Focus, Weapon Proficiency, Alertness, Improved Initiative


Oris Malum was a boy who had an amazing skill when it came to using a sword. He is an orphan, and had a strong spirit to be able to fight on, even in the face of death. This made him a perfect candidate for a small group of warriors that went around trying to rid the world of evil. This group was called Gotie. Oris was very low down in Gotie so he didn’t know much about it, but everyone was sure that he would rise to the top quickly.

He is young at heart and tries to see the best of everything. Unfortunately, despite his obviously optimistic characteristics he still manages to blame himself for everything. Carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, he tries to do everything he can himself to save his friends from trouble. He has grown a connection with his sword to the point where he has given it the name Acer, and with it’s call he can become stronger for a brief moment.

But even with all of these good qualities in Oris there is still something evil inside of him, something that he has tried to hide, something powerful. With each new battle he can hear this evil inside of him calling out, “Use me I can help you win!” But with each fight he grows strong enough to hold it back.

In Gotie he has made 2 great friends, Eli and Marson. Each are greatly skilled like he is, but lack the same drive as he does. The drive to protect them with his life. Oris would gladly give his life for the protection of his friends. They have been through hell and back with each other, and this is why his power is so great.

One day they were sent to check on a small village that they had lost contact with. When they got there they saw many destroyed buildings and dead people, they were ready for a battle, but not the likes of the one that was to come before them.

As they were searching through the destroyed village, a large monster suddenly sprung towards them with ferocious might and monstrous force, luckily they had been able to escape . The monster was a gray beast made of pure muscle, it had a plane white face, and a massive horn bursting out of it’s head. It charged toward Marson at high speeds. Not knowing what to do he drew his blade only to find the monster’s horn right in front of his face. Just as death seemed upon Marson, Oris had already launched himself, with his blade in hand, at the monster. This did not scratch the monster in the slightest. The 3 prepared for a long battle.

Within minutes the monster had already left all three warriors covered in blood and barely able to stand. The monster had but a mere scratch on it. The monster attacked once more lunging blindly at someone randomly. It had struck Marson’s left shoulder. Marson was just about finished, with blood all over his body and the monster’s horn ripping itself from his shoulder, there was not much Eli or Oris could do but watch their friend go into this state of near death.

Oris could hear the voice of the evil inside of him begging to be set free. At this point Oris could see that if he didn’t do something fast his friends would die right before his eyes, so he decided to awaken the hidden evil inside of him. At first he could feel a surge of power strong enough that when the monster came to finish another one of them off, he was able to cut off one of the monster’s arms. But after that point he lost consciousness. All he could feel was the evil around him. All he could see was darkness. All he could hear was the evil demon inside of him saying,

“Finally Free! I can finally release this power and ravage this world.” Oris knew at this point that he didn’t want to be controlled like this. He knew that he had to stop the monster inside of him more than the monster he was fighting before. He knew that it was his body and soul that the demon was using, and that he must, no he can gain control back.

Just when he thought of what the demon could do to his friends was he finally able to force the demon back, giving him back control of his body. Although he would never have the control he once had since the demon had been let loose,but he would also be much more powerful now for the same reasons.

When he could finally see again, he saw the monster from earlier completely destroyed and his friends in shock and horror at the power they had just seen. At this point Oris became unconscious.

When he awoke, he found himself on trial by the leaders of Gotie. They were banishing him, feeling that he had become part of the very thing that they were trying to destroy. The only reason that they let him live on was because his friends had begged them too, since he had saved their lives. Now he wanders the earth with his blade, and a mask that seems to be his outward source to the power buried deep inside. If he can learn to control this demon, then maybe he can go back to his friends, and his old life; and thus his mission, for now.

Oris Malum

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