"What came forth?" "...A beast."


STR 12 CON 10 DEX 21 INT 10 WIS 8 CHA 16

AC 20 FORT 14 REF 20 WILL 16


LANGUAGES Common Elven

FEATS Backstabber/ Clutch of Darkness/ Skill Focus (Stealth)/ Surprising Charge

RACIAL Darklight vision/ Trance/ Lolthtouched/ Darkfire Charisma/ Fey Origin

CLASS First Strike/ Brutal Scoundrel/ Rogue Weapon Talent/ Sneak Attack


To my fellow colleges,

I have completed my research and what I have found here is a summary of the indecent that ravaged our planet approximately 27 years ago. What you find my shock you and frighten you. After researching this I have chosen to remain hidden from Him, in the event he finds it necessary to take back what I have of his. It is for the best, but know I am alive and well. What follows is my report. Good luck gentlemen:

In the deepest parts of space lie bodies known to astrologers as Voids. Their properties are mostly unknown and but their appearance resembles a Black Supernova. The electric current that passes through the structures passes around in ellipses of around 89.999999999 etc degrees. About once every five billion years currents collide causing a catastrophic event, however, some records indicate they may happen more than calculated. The last known record of a collision was recorded by Demyx Nightengale one of the 100,000 survivors and an astrologer from the City Hidden in the Stars, On First Void Spark of 1 VEF (Vermin Exterminatum Flognum, or the From the End of All Life).

However, the City did not believe that only 600 years later it would happen again. The blast sent shocks throughout the planet of Ranwallia where the City was located and their sister planet (Runwallius)However, also coming forth was a massive beam of energy coming from the collision spot in the void in the last second Runwallius aligned with the planet of Ranwallia causing the Beam emitted to rape the planet of Runwallius of all existent life and engulfing it in mysterious black and purple crystals. Then, a diluted form of the beam pierced through Runwallius and into the center of The City Hidden in the Stars on Ranwallia.

In the hours following, voids appeared all over the planet blocking out the sky while emitting a howling noise, all of which fed a larger void growing in the center of the City Hidden in the Stars where the beam had struck. Chaos ensued and the populace turned on itself, in less than four hours 2 million people were dead from the ensuing Anarchy. By the 5th hour the Government and its Kage wereoverthrown and the police and military began a blockade of the new government whilst trying to use ancient magic to repel the Void. Then it happened. The Void in the center stopped growing and the howling noise from the Void’s charger voids too. A man in a dark robe and purple flowing hair emerged from the void, Eladrin by the look of his body and eyes. However he had a mysteriously darker purple face with glowing red eyes. Descending like a god from the Void the people were stunned. Once touching the ground he disappeared from the people in a Void rift. The sky cleared of void clouds and the population returned to normal after 3 years of rebuilding. The Void near the planet continued to swirl as it had since life began.

The occurrence was noted as the Void Complex. Where what seemed to be a creature was created from nothing. However, it has only been recorded twice, at 1 VEF in which all life was destroyed be a mysterious power and this time. The Void Complex cannot, to this day, be fully understood nor explained…

When Demyx recorded the event he states his conversation to his apprentice, “What came forth?” his apprentice asked. ”…A beast.” Demyx stated.

It was three years after the event that reports began circulating in the countryside of an ‘Eladrin’ with a limitless army of darkness who left entire towns in ruin. Survivors described him as an Eladrin man with a black robe and light purple hair. He was noted for his use of a dark power to engulf the entire town then the howls of the dead echoed while mystical beast arose to annihilate all of the town. But also there were circulations of kindness. When town gave him answers, which he asked for neutrally, they were rewarded with money or services such as assisting with jobs with his soldiers. He would drift in and out of a void while calling “Deandra!” in the night all over the planet. When no one answered he would take the nearest villager or soldier and slice their bodies in pieces with a surgeon’s hand. His malice and cruelty could only be matched by his shrills for this mysterious Deandra. Yet, still, in his heart was love that outweighed his cruelty.

His search led him across many lands until he again arrived at the City Hidden in the Stars. With his power he began slaughtering anyone that opposed him and his army. He hurt when he killed them and found them innocent. However, he knew that if he had not perhaps he would lose his mysterious love. He constantly called ‘Deandra’ to him. With his efficiency he sliced through every opponent he encountered. It, again, led him to the tallest tower in the City hidden in the Stars.

He ran full speed up the side slicing spider soldiers from it with ruthless efficiency as they fell to the ground. At the top he finally met a challenge. Standing before him was a man in a wooden roller-chair. Laughing, he told the man to leave or die. The man rose and revealed to him that there eyes were the same. Taken back the robed enemy extended his knife to a blade worthy of the most efficient assassin. The Robbed man drew a sword approximately the size of two men. “I know You…” he said. “You Do? Well, we’ll have to see about that.” as the robed one laughed again. “Your name is Zion, I’m one of your brothers. It’s time to see mother again.” Stunned, Zion, as he would now refer to himself due to unexplained mental complex, stepped back. Somehow he knew he was right. Stepping back he charged the man. An epic battle ensued, covering the world in war of the Voids. The War of the Void as it is referred to by historians, lasted for 179 days. In the End Zion had been cornered on the tower which they fought 179 days previously. Void creatures fighting below they fought for the last time. With a few slashes Zion cut the invalid’s throat, but somehow the void repaired it. Zion was shocked and afraid of his opponent. “As you now see, I’m different than you. I’ve embraced the darkness so that I am now a part of it entirely. You are more powerful than I. Rejoin mother and become the void itself, instead of it’s pawn!” Zion enraged by his words, “You don’t understand…I AM THE VOID!” Zion summoned a massive void and was able to have it swallow the entire world destroying everything on it, but at a cost, himself too. “I will not be alone again!”

For days he drifted in and out of consciousness, he felt weaker every hour. Immeasurable euphoria seemed to fill him every second, other times it was replaced by pain. His mind became weary and felt his darkness dilute in the void. The void itself felt like falling through a heavy pudding, but everything was black and could move. He continued his meaningless fall until he stopped and drifted through into what resembled an open chamber with a heart-like structure beating in the center.

Confused he heard a voice, “My Son, it is not your time, she awaits you still…however, you are to be punished, the Void is no longer yours. You must regain it yourself, there are tomes and teachers, sons and daughters of the void all over the universe, find them and you shall regain your powers once more.” With that Zion awoke, with more determination than ever and infused with partial madness from being kept in the heart of the Void for too long.

Over the course of 25 years he began to search for the tomes and teachers, of which there are 1000. Of that 1000 he has discovered 200. He is regaining his strength, but now it is no longer for conquest nor power. He wants her back, he needs her back…

This information is only known by excerpts from his Journal, found when a wizard studying mini-voids saw it fall out. One passage reads: “Where is she? I need her, she is here in this planet I know it…I feel it. She needs to be with me. She was with me, but she never had the power I did when I was whole. She’s been taken by the evidence I’ve gathered. But by whom and where Soon, soon we’ll be one. Again…”

His quest has led him across many lands in search of the tomes. At the present he has arrived in Lathines, to research the Azure Tome…

Demyx Nightengale ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Respected Colleagues,

I have written this letter to supplement the previous. I have been tracking and watching Zion for a very long time now and it seems that I must update his travels to you gentlemen. I must update you on his travels with a group I have come to watch, his change, and his current predicament which may become hazard to everyone on this planet.

First order of business is his travels. I left the last letter in which I had tracked him to the Azure Tome. Unfortunately, circumstances as they were the City of Lathines, which contained the Tome, was raided by orcs and powerful magic destroyed the city. I was forced to abandon Zion, but not before learning he had joined up with several other adventurers who set out to find the tome together. Zion most likely saw this as his chance to gain help in his search. The attackers were far beyond his ability. With this group he fought countless zombies, soldiers, and other creatures. He cracked riddles and prepared himself for any necessary action to gain his ends. However, this group of his has held him back from his true skills and focus on linear goals aside from his branched out and long term beneficiary goals. From an indecent in the Shadian Outpost he was drugged by mysterious soldiers. From there he was taken to a mysterious basement of the temple in the outpost. From there he awoke to find he had changed.

Now, I cannot be sure of this biological shift, however, he is no longer the Eladrin he once was. He has grown darker and is now a Drow. Essentially his Fey Origin and his Void reactions somehow changed his appearance and abilities. The reaction is odd to say the least. Although, it has been calculated to happen upon the request of the person to the existing void that flows through the void channels in his body. This has made him perhaps the greatest thief of our time. As you will see this leads to his downfall. From the basement he and the group continued to move through the cellar until reaching a large stairwell where they proceeded to avoid the arcane lightning that flowed in the center. After reaching a tomb he and his group defeated a very powerful vampire lord and Zion grabbed his blade.

His predicament is that he cannot release this blade. It is bound to him. It is extremely powerful and has a leaning towards assisting in the destruction of good. However, it has been forged as a greatsword. Zion cannot handle a greatsword and his powers cannot be used with this blade. The problem is, he is looking for a smith in what remains of the town above where the population has been destroyed. If he finds a smith he will attempt to forge it into something smaller and more usable to his whim. He wants the blade but cannot use it properly. If he gains the power of the blade this could mean trouble for us all.

With Respects, ~Demyx Nightengale


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