Koza Vela

A man that lives for the simpler things in life, from eating a good meal to grasping the treasure from his latest adventure


AC-19 FORT-19 REF-21 WILL-17 STR-16 CON-15 DEX-20 INT-12 WIS-13 CHA-14

Initiative-13 Speed-6 Max HP-62

Languages-Common, Giant

Feats-Alertness, Defensive Mobility, Improved Initiative, Far Shot, Lethal Hunter, Weapon Proficiency(rapier), Quick Draw


Hidden in the deep forests that lie past the raging rivers are two tribes. Both of them are human tribes. There are really no differences between them and normal humans, besides some slight appearances from genetics. The Buteo is one of these tribes, known for their flashy red hair and their hawk like vision. The Cloven is the other, they are known for their quiet demeanor and tremendous speed. No side really knows why they fight, they just do. Whether it was for land, money or even survival is irrelevant. Now, they fight because they know of nothing else.

In Buteo the leaders are usually the eldest and wisest. They make most decisions but none that really change the lives of the soldiers; except for one. They once came up with a battle strategy to keep the soldiers in line. They got them addicted to different things, from drugs to certain actions such as shuffling a deck of cards. This gave the men more of a reserve to fight for their tribe. This false sense of happiness also gave them their personality, some who were given drugs were crazy. Those who played with knives liked violence and blood.

Our hero that we are introducing, no; hero is not the right word, yet, for now let us call him an adventurer. His name is Koza Vela. He was a great fighter for the Buteo and was expected to lead them to victory, if such a thing existed. Some people even referred to him as the “True Hawk” for having such good aim, even among the tribe known for their aim. He was addicted to smoking tobacco. Though originally he was given it just to use as it was, but he went his own way with it. He never questioned the fighting, just accepted it. But one night the Cloven attacked the Buteo village. In the attack Koza’s entire family died. His father, mother, sister and even his younger brother training to be like him. The elders thought that at that point his thirst for revenge would have him want to truly kill all of the Cloven. But things do not always come as they appear.

Koza was angry, furious, he could not express his emotions righteously. He wanted blood, and lots of it. That night, he ventured into the Cloven area.. He was ready to kill them all. That was until he saw a few small Cloven children playing. They were just having fun; living life the way they wanted. Eventually they would have to stop with their playing and begin their training for war. This was when he questioned the war. When he questioned his way of life. He didn’t want to be someone’s pawn. He didn’t want to fight for anyone’s useless war. When he told the tribe elders about his feelings, they feared that he would spread his ideals, and so they decided to send the soldiers to kill him. He was able to escape thanks to his superior skills.

The night he was driven out, he slept under the stars and truly looked at them for the first time. Now he was going to every morsel of food that he ate, feel the breeze instead of just walk against it and find emotions he had never experienced before.He had lost his family, had no purpose, and was chased out of his home. His life was in shambles, but he was free and had a life to live.

Koza Vela

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