Corwin Grayswandir

Son of Rarick, brother of the evil Rasciel


Depends on what I am

Deva Psion

AC 21 // Fort 14 // Ref 19 // Will 20

STR 11 // Con 10 // Dex 10 // Int 22 // Wis 10 // Cha 16


Born on the night of Divinity, a holiday in which people thank the gods for giving the Eliet the superior powers to defeat the Fama. The people praise the gods for giving them a savior, a way to destroy evil. Others also curse the gods, for it was the same day on which the gods granted an equally powerful weapon to the Fama. The world remembers that not all the gods are peaceful, and that war is a lifestyle that they may prefer. It is a day on which people remember that there is good and evil in the world, that the two will always collide, and it was the day on which the twin brothers Rasciel and Corwin were born.

Their father was Rarick, a human who had lived for hundreds of years by manipulating the flow of time on his body. The last of The Eliet, he had finally found a woman who he wanted to spend the rest of his days with, and finally die. His marriage to Ivandra was the best choice of his life, up until her death during childbirth. He was crushed, and only lived to make sure that his two sons had everything that life had to offer.

Although they were twins, Rasciel and Corwin looked nothing alike. With his light purple skin, and the dark violet marks that decorated his face, Corwin looked nothing like his human brother. In fact…Corwin didn’t look like anyone, and bore no resemblance to either his human father or mother. His father was perplexed, but had heard slight tales of such things during his long life. Finally, when Corwin was eleven, he brought him to Southshore’s wise man, a man who might be able to determine Corwin’s strange appearance.

“Close your eyes, my son…and remember…” The wise man placed his wrinkled hand over Corwin’s eyes…and he remembered. Corwin had been a servant to the great god Pelor, a servant dedicated to protecting watching the world for evils. Whilst he spent his time in the heavens, he found an evil so powerful that it could destroy the Eastern Proudlands, and allow the rise of The Fama. He pleaded with Pelor, who sent him down to watch for this evil. Upon finally reaching a human body, Corwin was born, and lost all memory of what evil he had to watch for, where it was, and when he would have to stop it.

When Corwin returned home and told his father and brother, they were pleased, for they both praised the god Pelor and were honored to have one of his servants as part of their family. Years passed, and Rasciel found himself a wife that he loved with all his heart. Leeandra had often been called the most beautiful woman in all the land, and Rasciel the most handsome. Their marriage was more than just looks, however, as they both loved one another with all their hearts. Corwin was chosen to lead the ceremony because of his strong connection to Pelor, and he tied Rasciel and Leeandra into marriage. Corwin never found love, his heart was always too distant on defending the world from evil to find happiness in the world. Finally, he could take it no longer. He left his home, his brother, his father, to discover his destiny.

Corwin spent years traversing the countryside, defeating goblin lords, kobold minions, but never anything substantial. Finally, he returned to his home five long years later, to ask his father or brother to travel with him.

When Corwin returned, life in Southshore had changed greatly. People walked drearily down the streets, and the thick air made it hard to breathe. Corwin finally found his brother, who told him that their father had left to protect The Azure Tome in Lathenes. Rasciel broke down in tears shortly after, and eventually explained to Corwin what had happened. The mayor of the nearby town of Northshore had broken into his home just a few months ago, and had ordered his guards to hold Rasciel down. In a drunken rage, the mayor Rostifer beat and raped Leeandra, right in front of Rasciel’s eyes. As nothing but a simple musician, Rasciel was helpless but to stand by and watch as his wife was ravaged. Finally, when Rostifer had left, Rasciel ran to his wife’s tattered body, and did everything he could to help her. But the damage done by Rostifer was too great, and Leeandra died a few hours later, in Rasciel’s arms.

When he told Corwin of what had happened, the two made a pact to destroy this evil man, and to bring justice to Leeandra’s lost life. Rasciel began studying ancient texts, trying to learn the old ways of necromancy. However, he never told Corwin, and Corwin spent his time discovering the location of Rostifer through mind control and manipulation. Finally, after three years the two were ready. Corwin had discovered Rostifer’s location, and Rasciel had learned necromancy. But when he told Corwin of his part of the plan, Corwin grew outraged. Such acts were worship to a vile god, and not acceptable for anyone who cared about Pelor or his ideals. Rasciel pleaded with Corwin to see his way, but Corwin had had enough. He agreed to help bring justice to this man, but only through means acceptable by Pelor. Rasciel reluctantly agreed.

After months of more planning, Corwin discovered that Rasciel’s periodic trips to the nearby inn were not just for drinks, but to practice corrupting rats. Further investigation found that Rasciel had in fact tripled his necromancy efforts rather than stop them. Without a word, Corwin packed up his belongings and left.

He spent some time in Lathenes with his father, where he told him of what had happened. The two packed up and prepared to leave for Southshore, when they heard the news that a terrible Necromancer had sprung up there, and that it wasn’t safe for them to travel. They rushed to the area, but when they arrived they found Northshore destroyed, and Southshore was slowly recovering from being controlled by Rasciel. They did not know his whereabouts, and Rarick and Corwin returned to Lathenes empty handed.

A few months passed, when the long lost brother Rasciel came and visited Corwin. He told him of his failure, and that he needed the power of The Azure Tome to bring vengeance upon those who dared to oppose him. Corwin threw him out, and told him never to return again, until he had cleansed his mind of such dark thoughts. He never told his father of the visit, but left shortly after to travel the world.

He finally settled in Riar, a city where he could stop small evils from time to time while he awaited the day that he came to this world for. The city had heard of his father,as it was once Rarick’s residence. Corwin’s own decision to live there was taken well, and the people welcomed him. When his father came to him with a group of adventures, he was told the whole story of The Azure Tome’s stealing, and how they had recovered it. The next day he and his father recounted on past years, and Corwin told Rarick of Rasciel’s visit so many years ago. When Rarick discovered that his son was the evil man that he was chasing down, he was struck with indescribable sadness. But a small bird on the window called for him, and he set out to defeat his own son.

When Rarick returned broken hearted, he sat at the bar and wept, and told Corwin of his brother’s death. The party came in shortly after, and Corwin swore to himself that he would never again allow such evil to rise, and that even the kindest man can be brought to utter destruction if he allows it to happen.

Corwin Grayswandir

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