Erik Sopranothorn

A Half-Elf Bard, notorious in Adontres for his skilled piccolo-playing.


Bard/Cunning Bard/Half-Elf Emmisary

STR 11 CON 14 DEX 11 INT 17 WIS 9 CHA 23

AC 20 FORT 19 REF 21 WILL 24


LANGUAGES Common Elven Orc

FEATS Ritual Caster Improved Initiative Jack of All Trades Strength of Valor Bardic Knowlege Weapon Proficiency (Rapier) Rousing Voice Improved Second Wind


Erik Sopranothorn, the legendary piccolist of Tharnsborough, was born into a small family of craftspeople in the village of Tharnsborough, located in the mountainous eastern region of the West. Tharnsborough is a village centered around the performing arts, most of its inhabitants being Actors, musicians, and vocalists rather than craftsmen. Erik’s parents represented 2 of the 4 craftspeople to inhabit Tharnsborough, his mother being a baker and his father a butcher. The only other services the townspeople needed were those of a blacksmith and a repairman. Most of the other jobs, getting the food and water, raising animals, farming crops, and even repairing instruments, were left for the individual families to take care of. Erik was raised in the butcher shop, the days of his life spent around the meat. He learned to slaughter and prepare many kinds of animals for consumption. In his parents’ eyes, he was meant to take his father’s place as Tharnsborough’s own butcher, while his sister, Elizabeth took the reigns as the town baker, so that when they pass away, Erik and Elizabeth may inherit their jobs.

However, Erik did not want to be a butcher. He did not want to be a baker, a blacksmith, or even a repairman. Erik wanted to play the Piccolo as a performer. He would often go into the bone room of the butcher shop (A room where animal bones are stored that are later used to make tools, furniture, and musical instruments) and quietly play his Piccolo, which he stole from the pockets of Isaiah the Beggar while he slept on the side of the streets. Since his father was so preoccupied with the work, he rarely ever noticed that Erik would be gone for hours, practicing in the bone room. Erik had won the support of his performer friends, but he knew it would be impossible to win it from his parents. When Erik was 17, he left Tharnsborough in the middle of the night with his friends, Juliet, a trumpeter, and Gildan, a dancer. They performed for several months under the stage name “The Wind” until Erik was about 18 years of age. One night, their caravan was raided in the middle of the night, and Juliet, Erik’s love interest, was hacked to death by the raiders, Dwarves in a quest for money. It is because of this, although not obvious in his charismatic state, that Erik holds a bias against Dwarves as a race. Though not crippling, it deeply lessens his likelihood to hold a Dwarf as a trusted companion.

After the death of Juliet, Erik and Gildan left the stage life, and took the road as adventurers, doing honor in Juliet’s name in order to avenge her death. As bards, they developed a Robin Hood complex, in which they weaseled and scammed the rich out of money, and often gave it to the poor and underprivileged. However, it wasn’t until after Gildan’s death that Erik encountered the supernatural and unusual, such as Dragons, Zombies, and the like. Apart from the Robin Hood nonsense that Erik and Gildan went through, their main objective was clear; execute revenge on the Dwarves that had killed Juliet and stole their possessions, the Dark Iron Bandits. Fat, angry, violent, and relentless, the Bandits would stop at nothing to get what they want. In order for Erik and Gildan to defeat such a huge force, they needed some force on their side. The traveled to Lathenes, the emerald city, in order to build up an adventuring party.

In Lathenes, they met Gilby Rennenthides, a Gnome Mage trained in the art of battle. Gilby was over 100 years old, and was very experienced in controlling fire. They also came across Dorak, a very large Half-Orc who spoke very little Common. An excellent Warrior, he fancied himself as skilled with his very large two-handed Battleaxe. Last but not least, they met Eltrazar, an Eladrin Ranger from the long lost Fey city of Valewood. Perhaps quieter than Dorak, Eltrazar preferred to stake himself out in trees during battle, scoping out potential enemies, and taking them out efficiently with his artisan-crafted longbow.

After paying their mercenaries a sum of 100 gold coins each, they departed to the Dark Iron camp in the Retrothenes Forest. They arrived several hours after the troops had retired for the night. At the time, there was one guard on duty. While Erik created an distraction, amazing the guard, Gildan assassinated him, leaving the enemy sleeping and vulnerable. However, upon entering the camp, the ground beneath the party became less and less firm. The sleeping troops were awoken by the shakes caused by Dorak’s footsteps. Then, after someone sounded the intruder alarm, the Dwarves seemed to run from their tents like an avalanche. The lack of time and the pure shock gave the party little time to prepare for the oncoming attack, so the obvious option was to flee. However, they were not able to run fast enough, as Gilby, the Mage, was struck through the head with a Handaxe. Dorak, Eltrazar, and even Erik’s childhood friend Gildan suffered a similar fate, as they were slaughtered, and then trampled in the oncoming horde of Dwarves. Erik was the only surviving member of the party, sustaining only minor injuries.

And so, Erik, now 22 years of age, held his head low as he traveled back to the city of Lathenes, having lost his only friend, and his thirst for vengeance on the Dark Iron Bandits not only unquenched, but multiplied. If there were only someone that could help him accomplish his revenge, he would give his life a thousand times to see it done.

Erik Sopranothorn

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