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  • The Azure Tome

    h4. History During the year 2720EM, the Eastern Proudlands were nearly destroyed by the ravages of the West. When the city of [[Rhodaria]] met its end, there was no choice but for the East to react. Their solution to the problem was found within the …

  • The Eliet

    The ancient clan the stood against [[The Fama]] in [[Adontres | The First War]]. It is believed that they no longer exist, and their last work was [[The Azure Tome | The Azure Tome]].

  • The Ivory Tower

    The once great tower that -holds- held [[The Azure Tome]]. Made entirely of ivory tusks, the 500ft tower stood higher than any other building in the city of [[Lathenes]], and is believed to have been the oldest building in the city.

  • Cerros

    The moon shines benevolently over the darkened canopy of the woods on Argents' eastern border. Just enough light to see the lines of quivering guards standing standing atop the timber bastion on the threshold of the city. Each militiaman wrings the wooden …

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