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  • The Eliet

    The ancient clan the stood against [[The Fama]] in [[Adontres | The First War]]. It is believed that they no longer exist, and their last work was [[The Azure Tome | The Azure Tome]].

  • The Fama

    The first group of races that banded together. They attempted to control all of [[Adontres]], but failed when resistance from [[The Eliet]] opposed them. Eventually, [[Adontres | The Great War]] ended and the Fama have never been heard from again. * …

  • Latharen

    The second mortal to be given godlike powers of magic. It is believed that the gods gave him slightly less power, which is why light magic is often weaker than black magic. He was the leader of [[The Eliet]] during his time, and died during [[Adontres | …

  • Clawfang

    Leader of [[The Fama]], Clawfang was the first mortal to receive the power of the gods. It is believed that he died at the end of [[Adontres | The Great War]], but nothing is known for sure.

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