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  • Adontres

    The world in which you live. Adontres contains many magical creatures, mystical creatures, and vast amounts of knowledge. The world is split into three parts, the Eastern Proudlands, the Deadly Westlands, and The Unidentified North. The races in …

  • The Ivory Tower

    The once great tower that -holds- held [[The Azure Tome]]. Made entirely of ivory tusks, the 500ft tower stood higher than any other building in the city of [[Lathenes]], and is believed to have been the oldest building in the city.

  • Viacal

    The -greatest- city (now rubble) in all of the Eastern Proudlands. The city -is- was home to many shops, stores, and held untold magical information, second only to that of [[The Azure Tome]] itself. h4. *+UPDATE+* City destroyed.

  • The Apocalic Plains

    A plains land located north of the cities [[Viacal]] and [[Lathenes]]. Situated next to The Desert of Lost Hope, the plains have only one secure village within it.

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