The world in which you live. Adontres contains many magical creatures, mystical creatures, and vast amounts of knowledge. The world is split into three parts, the Eastern Proudlands, the Deadly Westlands, and The Unidentified North. The races in Adontres are separated to “The Civilized Nation” and the “Barbaric Race.” The Civilized dwell in the Eastern Proudlands, which the Barbaric reside in the Deadly Westlands. Little is know about The Unidentified North, only that few enter, and none return. Occasional attacks have been made on both the Eastern Proudlands and The Deadly Westlands, but both end fruitlessly, as less than a tenth of the troops sent arrive, and none ever return home. No recent attacks have been made towards either continent, due to the creation of The Azure Tome in 2724 EM


The world of Adontres is still a young one. It is believed to have began around the year 20,000 ED, but time has been accurately measured since the founding of magic.

Legend tells that the world was once a single, giant continent known as Adontres. Thousands of unique races existed, and while minor squabbles occurred occasionally, the majority of the inhabitants were kind nomads who existed peacefully with one another. The creation of the cult known as The Fama however, brought about the first war on Adontres. A group of races banded together, attempting to control all of Adontres. They ravaged the landscape, killing all who would not join them. For two hundred years, they ravaged the world. Eventually, a group of resistors arose. Calling themselves The Eliet, an equally large group of races rose to stand against them. The Eliet and the Fama fought for thousands of years, with hundreds of races being completely wiped out in the process.

Eventually, The Eliet and The Fama both searched for divine help. Sacrificing their own kins, both sides attempted to please the gods. Eventually, the gods were pleased, but unable to choose which side deserved their help. And so, the gods created Magic. It was equal to their own power, and split to aid both sides.

What is known as “Light Magic” was given to Latharen, leader of the The Eliet. “Dark Magic,” on the other hand, was given to Clawfang, leader of the The Fama. They each met in the center of Adontres, unaware of their foe’s newfound power.

The entire armies of each faction stood to watch what they believed was the end of The Great War. As Latharen and Clawfang clashed blades for the final time, each called upon their newfound power of Magic to assist them. However, the power had not been limited by the gods, and the uncontrolled force of the gods tore the world open. The world of Adontres was ravaged, split in half by a mystical river that was created in the final battle of The Fama and The Eliet. It is said that when the two magical blades clashed for the final time, an enormous rock was released and last seen flying towards the North.

At the end of the battle, both armies fell into the sea as the world was ripped in half. Peace slowly came about, as the two factions were separated. Little is known about The Fama now, although there is speculation that they no longer exist. On the continent of The Eastern Proudlands, however, peace mainly reigns. Several factions have risen, and war has broken out. However, disputes are always quelled and will be set down whenever the West sends its forces.


Known Regions of Adontres

Apocalic Plains Region: A region named for it’s characteristic plains, The Apocolic Plains Region is currently being shaken by tumultuous destruction. Avoid major cities, Satyrs, and the danger of burning crystal. It has been said that nothing can be set straight until The Azure Tome is returned to its rightful place. However, since the death of the local hero, The Shard, the possibility of order is quickly slimming.

Elendeel: a region shaken by racial conflict caused by the Eladrin, the obvious dominant race of the area. Beware of demons, other dangerous beasties, and innocent looking notebooks. If you’re not damned for all eternity, ask for your money back.

Shirken Peninsula: A region that contains two rivaling cities, Northshore and Southshore. Try not to get caught in their petty fights, they only cause trouble. Unfortunately, the two towns are unable to bind together in times of danger, therefore the Shirken Peninsula is an unsafe place to be in unsafe times. If you can brave the dangers of the Forlonging Forest, it’s been said that the inn at the other end serves some mighty fine ale…

The Kingdom of Alabasta: An area formerly rocked by tension between the King and his people. An uprising was held by Keizer Soze and his followers. A small region, consisting mostly of the castle and a small surrounding area.


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