Green Lizard Inn Party

The adventuring party of the first campaign, who originally met in the Green Lizard Inn

Included members Miladron, Rhagnar, Zane, Kriv, Zexion, and Jokana

Part-time party members included Aven and Odin


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A group of adventurers convene outside an inn on the Shirken Peninsula. A suspicious man outside the inn offered a reward for the man who could get him a drink from inside; he had been kicked out. The newly introduced adventurers entered the inn in hopes of getting a drink, but alas, they were all out, and the only remaining kegs were in the basement, with the rats. After severing a finger or two, the adventurers ventured into the basement, killing what had been seriously underestimated: giant rats. They came back up with the ale, gave it to the man, and in turn received a map, as well as some information.

Both towns of Northshore and Southshore were accusing the other of keeping with them a Necromancer who was cursing the other town. Each offered a reward to the man who could slay the Necromancer. Since Northshore offered a higher bounty, that was where they headed.

Along the way, they past through the Forlonging Forest, fighting Orcs, Imps, and worst of all: Spiders. Jokana’s problem-solving skills helped the party defeat the Imp by throwing it into a fault. With these skills they also crossed the fault.

Upon emerging from the Forest, they encountered more Orcs, which they swiftly defeated. They then came across two boys viciously fighting one another. One revealed himself to be from Northshore, the other from Southshore. After breaking up the fight, they brought the Northshore boy with them in order to return him to his home. They then fought a troll, whilst the boy wet his pants.

They were greeted kindly upon arriving at Northshore, having returned the boy to his home. After waking up the next morning, they were greeted by a Chain Demon with a bone to pick. After Kriv’s many near-death experiences, the party finally defeated them. They traveled to Southshore in order to hunt down this Necromancer.

After tearing through the town like fire through printer paper, they finally reached the basement where the Necromancer was hiding. The Necromancer disappeared, leaving his undead minions to do his bidding. After watching the Necromancer execute his revenge on the Mayor of Southshore, who raped his wife many years ago, the Party defeated the Skull Lord.

In the end, the people of Northshore were revealed to be possessed by the Necromancer. The boy from Southshore was the Necromancer in a different form, disguised by powerful magic.


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After the Green Lizard Inn party had defeated a God, they were sailing through the skies on a magical boat. As they try to explore it they find nothing but locked steel doors. An uneventful day, until they hear a noise up on the deck of the ship. When they come out all they see is some massive birds flying above head and an a new friend, or rather a old friend in a new body. Zexion has returned in a more disturbed image of his former self. After they remake their greetings a part of the ship explodes for unknown reasons. As they plummet to the ground they are magically saved by the massive birds flying over head.

When they make it to the ground they meet a man who was not far away and happened to see the explosion. When he sees that they were saved by the birds, he is pleased, and tells the party about how those birds constantly save many lives for no apparent reason; it‘s just in their nature. He offers the party a chance to stay at his inn in the town not so far away. As they venture towards the town they are ambushed by a bunch of gnomes screaming “Keizer Soze!” They are easily defeated by the party. But before they can continue on Kriv tells them that he can’t fighting with them.

His dream is to find his true family of dragonborns. He says that he must concentrate on this, if not then he will surely keep getting distracted and never reach his desires. So he leaves, but before he does he is asked for a goodbye hug by his companion Zexion. This ends with him stealing Kriv’s money. Meladrin sees this and prepares to battle with Zexion not trusting his evil ways. They are luckily intervened by a bolt of lighting, which was taken by the rest of the party as a bad omen, and that they should stop the fight. They were eventually able to calm them both down, and they made it to the town by sundown. It was a very peaceful town and had nothing eventful happen in it.

The next morning the party was told about the kingdom not to far from the town. It was called Alabasta. For some reason the king had taken refuge in his castle for weeks while the kingdom was crumbling beneath it’s feet because of disease and hatred. But a revolutionary named Keizer Soze was spreading his ideals throughout the kingdom, the ideals of anarchy and chaos against their king. Though no one had ever seen this man, many were willing to blindly follow him.

The party decided to go to this kingdom and see what was happening themselves. On the way there they walked into an oddly placed rock, a massive one at that. Suddenly a young boy came running past, dressed in rags. He almost ran into the rock, but was able to quickly maneuver himself so that he didn’t. He asked for the parties’ help to the rock out of the way. Beyond all understanding they were able to do it and the boy just jetted forward toward Alabasta.

When the party finally reached the infamous kingdom they went exploring. There was not much there besides a castle at the very center of it. It was filthy and all of the inhabitants of it seemed extremely upset, if not angry. When they randomly met with an old man just outside of the castle. He claimed to be one of the kings helpers.

The old man told the party that he believed that the king was being held against his will in the castle, forcing the citizens to think that he is betraying them. He also told them about how the King had two children, a son and a young daughter. The Prince too seem to be held captive in the castle. But the Princess seemed to have gone missing before that. The party decided to give this man the benefit of the doubt and see if the king is locked away somewhere in the castle. But before they can the young boy from before comes rushing up, now in full attire of a soldier, and with two blades. Once he sees the party he decides to stop and give his greetings, this time revealing his name to be Aven.

He tells them that he has to go save the Princess, who he believes is in the castle. When he was asked why by the old man, he said that it is his job to protect her. With that, he rushed off to the side of the castle, completely ignoring the front door. The party, in complete awe at his empty headedness decided to follow him, because judging from his job, he knew the inside of the castle. Eventually they found him climbing up to one of the windows with great acrobatic techniques. This was not as easy for the rest of the group, but was done, eventually. When they entered a window, they seemed to have found themselves in the Princesses room.

Unfortunately there appeared to be nothing of any importance in the room, and Aven stormed out. As the party followed they ended up in another room. This time it was the room of the Prince. Again there seemed to be nothing of any interest, except for a switch on an weapons training object. When they hit the switch a stairway opened up. This lead them straight to under the castle. When they reached the bottom they entered a room, it seemed to have a large amount of visual spells used to watch the castle. In front of these spells was a man in fine clothing. Aven called to him, “Prince!?”

After the Prince and the party had introduced themselves the Prince told them about how he had escaped to where they are after the castle was secretly attacked. He also claims to know where they are keeping the king. He knows a spell to get to them, but he can only use it to teleport others, so he can’t use it himself. The Prince then says that he will send the party into the massive ballroom at the entrance. Unfortunately they are stopped by a massive rush of dark monsters coming out of the walls. He tells the party to rush ahead of him toward the entrance of the castle and they will meet again there.

Once they reach back to where the Prince’s room was they quickly hurry out, hoping to get to the entrance as soon as possible. They end up in a hallway filled with traps. One is a falling trap, and there is another that Rhagnar gets trapped in that almost freezes him to death. Eventually they find a door that leads them to a council room. They feel like they should leave the room alone and just go to the door on the other side of the room. But as they prepare to leave one of the walls erupts open. Causing a massive stone to hit Aven in the head knocking him unconscious. The party then battles and easily defeats 2 gargoyles and a golem. When they go to see if Aven is ok, they find that he is only sleeping now. After worrying them so; they decide to leave him to sleep.

The next room seems to be an armory but there is a massive gap in the floor making it near to impossible for them to get the weapons. Eventually they have to just go down the floor where they enter a kitchen, that has magic food that seems to be able to heal all of their wounds. But even so they seem to be at another dead end, that is until they notice a magic machine; that Meladrin recognizes as a magical teleporter. It sends them to the first floor, but the wrong side, they are not at the entrance, but at the garden.

They decide to go outside only to find themselves fighting a massive beast that was hidden under the ground. The battle last a long time and is not the easiest thing they fought, but the party is not so quick to giving up. After the massive monster is defeated they party rushes back into the castle and decide to take another route. There is a door that like they could take and it would lead them to the entrance. The door leads to a long, dark, and soul crushing hallway. This hallway leads to a prison inside the castle. Unfortunately it seems that all of the prisoners escaped when the castle was secretly attacked. Fortunately they all seem to have been hideously maimed. Unfortunately someone had to do this to them.

Not long after their arrival they were attacked by a man named Dalton. He claims to have been watching them and the kingdom for sometime. And he tells them about Aven. Aven was the Princesses guard dog. When the Princess was taken captive and out of the kingdom by some wizard he cursed him and turned him human. At this point Dalton has grown very bored and decides to attack them. He fights with the power of a sword that can summon wraiths and utilize the darkness. A bloody battle ensues, leaving much blood and pain for both sides. In the end the Party narrowly defeats Dalton and his shadow magic. With that, he disappears into a shadow, leaving his sword behind.

The Party then quickly heals themselves with the magic food that they took form the kitchen. From there they hurry to through the long prison and finally reach the entrance. There waiting for them is the Prince. There is no time for him to explain a plan, so he tells them that he will teleport them and they should be more than able to take down the men inside of the ballroom. He teleports them behind pillars in the ballroom so that they are not seen by the two men that seem to be by a defeated man that is wearing king’s clothing. The men start talking to each other about how they are bored of waiting for the people to revolt, and wished that the king had given in and done something evil to the villagers when they threatened him with his daughter’s life. They then admit that they were a bit hasty in killing her before they could get a good answer out of him.

After one of the men says that Aven appears and jumps from the top of the pillars screaming at one of the men. Stabbing him in the heart. The man next to him watches as his comrade dies before him. He laughs. And then throws the uncontrollable Aven into a wall, knocking him unconscious. He then reveals that he knows that the party are behind the pillars and tells them to come out. They each come out ready for a massive fight. This man is not easily defeated. Before the party can defeat him the entire ball room is destroyed. But the team has faced tougher opponents before and attacks him with full force. He is defeated and tells them that they will never defeat Keizer Soze, for they will never find him. He is too protective of his real identity. With his final words finished, he dies. The prince then seems to come into the ball room with both enemies defeated. The then proceeds to teleport the entire party, Aven, and the King out of the castle and the kingdom, for the villagers have revolted. After the party leaves the King back at the inn where they first stayed, they decide to head on in an attempt to one day find Keizer Soze and kill him for what they did to Alabasta and the Princess. At least that is why Aven is continuing on.

Green Lizard Inn Party

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