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The World of Adontres

Currently resting in Forgehome.

Welcome to the homepage for The World of Adontres. This is a magical world in which anything can happen, and the possibilities are limitless.

The adventurers in this quest are:

  1. Erik Sopranothorn
  2. Winter Frostmason
  3. Koza Vela
  4. Corwin Grayswandir
  5. Ragnaros

Other Members:

  1. Oris Malum(Deceased)
  2. Zion(Deceased)
  3. Content Not Found: 45642(Deceased)
  4. Ritri(Location Unknown)
  5. Cerros(Location Unknown)
  6. Content Not Found: 45515 (Location Unknown)
  7. Iron Mask (Location Unknown)


We’re meshing back into using this thing. Please update accordingly.

Stories are up from the players! Make sure to read them, and get acquainted with your fellows’ backgrounds. I’ll probably be using some of their towns and areas within my story.

From Sam – I’m beginning to compile information on the quests of the Green Lizard Inn party, since all events took place in the world of Adontres. If any past DMs have maps still on their computers, please upload them to the maps section kindly. I want to make a project of compiling a whole map of Adontres. This is all.

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