The Azure Tome


During the year 2720EM, the Eastern Proudlands were nearly destroyed by the ravages of the West. When the city of Rhodaria met its end, there was no choice but for the East to react. Their solution to the problem was found within the ancient cult of The Eliet. After four years, the 100 remaining magicians of the Eliet were collected and sacrificed, in order to protect the East. The wizards were sacrificed one by one, and as it happened a glowing blue book was formed, containing all their knowledge. The book was designed to be a system that all the people of the land could easily and quickly learn powerful magics, and be able to defeat their foes. However, during the sacrifices a mistake was made, and the language of the book changed from Common to a code that could only be understood by the Eliet. Those who had been channeling the energy made every attempt to understand the code, or perhaps change it back to Common, but the book was too powerful for them to affect, and could only be read by the Eliet. With all of the conjurors being sacrificed, it almost seemed as if the sacrifices had been wasted, and that no good would come from the book. However, the Eliet placed a powerful spell over the book, that would keep it safe from all harm. Because of this, it was placed at the City of Lathenes, next to the destroyed city of Rhodaria. As the next wave approached from across the ocean, they were stopped dead at the beaches, unable to move closer to the book will ill-intent. Eventually, the people of Lathenes began to believe that the book kept them safe from all harm, and was created only to protect their city. It is still unknown as to what went wrong during the book’s creation, but it IS known that the text is incomprehensible to any one in the Eastern Proudlands but the Eliet themselves.

Known Characteristics

The book glows a dim blue at all times, and was enchanted to emit this aura across the land, so that all could find hope within its light. However, the enchantment was not protected, and likely removed by the one(s) who stole it. The book is immensely heavy, due to the simple weight of the book in addition to magic that held it down on The Ivory Tower. Now that the book has been stolen, its weight has decreased substantially, but it is still a great burden for anyone to carry.

The Azure Tome

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