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The Azure Tome
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Adventures, quests, monsters. These things have fallen into the land of legend, forgotten by all, no longer thought to exist. Here in the “civilized” realm, they have become myth, and myth has become forgotten. The realm of civilization believes that they stand protected only from myth, and that no real danger stands before them. They believe that evil creatures no longer exist, and to the citizens of Lathenes, the Azure Tome merely represents a tourist attraction, and nothing more. This is the world in which you live, where no monsters are to be found and the Crystal City is the beacon of civilized life.

The city of Lathenes, often called “The Crystal City”, stands as the most extravagant and unbelievable city in the entire civilized realm. The city stands made nearly entirely of mystical crystal, with an ivory tower standing high above the city, the only point upon which you can see over The Great Valley. The tower juts out in several places, each point holding a separate part of the city’s knowledge. The main attraction of the city, beyond all the knowledge and all the magic, is the Azure Tome.

The Eleit Conjurers made the Azure Tome four hundred years ago, after the raid that destroyed the city of Rhodaria. The belief was that the world outside the walls of Lathenes would soon attack them, and destroy it. The Conjurers came up with a plan to protect the city. The most powerful magicians from around the civilized realm were found, and one hundred sorcerers sacrificed themselves to create this book. The Azure Tome contains all of their knowledge and all of their power. It was made to protect the Crystal City, the only city that stands between Viacal and the “uncivilized” world.

As you enter the pearl gates of Lathenes, you hear the noise of people in the streets, buying and selling all types of merchandise from weapons to armor to spells. But the most unique part of city is its colors. The pale blue light from atop the Ivory Tower emanates throughout the city, and as it reflects off the crystal it emits a rainbow of colors in every direction, giving the entire city a unique shine that makes every one in the city seem to be a different color, and only the Ivory Tower stands out, as being the one white building in a city of colors. As you each enter the city, a short half-elf clad in blue rushes up to you.

“Ello there mates! Welcome to the Crystal City of Lathenes. The names Rarick, and I’d be glad to take you on a quick tour, point you in the direction of the Ivory Tower, the local inn and tavern, and of course the trade district, if you find that you’ve got plenty of loose change in your pockets. I can take six with me. How about, you-you-you-you-you-and you? Alright, lets head off. While we travel to the information booth, tell me a bit about yourselves. How about you first- you big brute?”

This is where I’ll leave you. I’m sorry to ditch you here, but I’ve just remembered that I’ve made plans for dinner tonight at the Sparkler Tavern tonight. Perhaps I’ll see you there. Until then, the Ivory Tower is just to your left.”

As you arrive at the tower, you are greeted by a man with a long white robe on, complimented by his bald head and long thin beard. He stands outside the entrance to the tower, with a small white pouch in his thin fragile hand.

Glass windows, blue books shining in the middle, very pale so you can see well. Ivory around.

All crystal
Multitude of colors
Owner is very kind, but pushes his prices on you.

You arrive at another glimmering building, yet this one seems slightly different. The only colors emitting from it are yellow, orange, and a pale red. The colors give a very homey feel, like sitting around a campfire.
As you enter, you see Rarick sitting at a table finishing up his dinner, a drunk off in the corner of the bar, and a young lady standing behind the counter.

Chick- Lúthien Coamenel. Born in the city, rather beautiful. Runs the tavern. Elf.

Stay- 5g
Food- 2g
Bad Wine-1g
Good Wine-3g
Sparkling Cider (Tavern’s special)- 10g

As the sun arises, you are woken by the clear white light that glistens into the room. As you stand up, you see a room devoid of the extravagant color you saw on the previous night, now filled with naught but your beds and your things.
Coming down the stairs, there is no one in the tavern, but the door is wide open, and you can people roaming the streets, all headed towards the once shining blue Ivory Tower.
As you approach the tower, you see a group of warriors standing high above the people, and as you come closer you can hear their words.
“…a travesty! We shall undertake the task of recovering this Azure Tome, the ancient book that brought prosperity and safety to your land. Worry not! You shall be safe soon again!” The large dragonborn stops speaking, and returns to talk to his eldarin, Elvin, dwarven, human companions.

Zane, Avean, Meladrim, Johkana, Zexion, Rhagnar.
Gonna find the book. But wait- OH SHOOT!!

Suddenly, the earth begins to tremble beneath your feet. As you look up, the sky begins to blacken with a purple cloud, lightning flashing down into all parts of the Great Valley. Rocks begin to fall down from all sides of the valley, crushing buildings in a single blow, and civilians run away from the tower screaming in terror. Looking up, you can see ramps come across the two sides of the valley, and orcs running across them onto the top of the Ivory Tower, then climbing rapidly down the stairs.

Rarick- “This is no place to stay! You must run to Viacal, south of here. Do not travel by road! These creatures will catch you and you will die long before you reach Viacal! Travel through the woods, and stop at one of the villages between here and Viacal. These are not the worst that the world has to send at us. They’ve been preparing for the attack for 400 years, they have much more powerful evils. Trust no one, and try to stay together.”

One road that goes to the left, a forest on the right.


Viacal has been totally destroyed. The city lies as total rubble, almost beyond recognition.

-Just rubble
-DC10 Young man is buried under the rubble and calls out. “Please listen to me. (His crushed, bloody hand reaches out to you) The man in red… he did this. (Alone) He destroyed the entire city. (Ran to the North) He reached his hand into the ground, and drew up the bones of his defeated enemies. He fused their bones together and created a warhorse, and rode off into the distance, towards the North. (He had no head, and an unholy aura)
-DC25 Map to the Apocalic Plains, to the North. Includes other places too.
-DC40 Find a melted sword, with the name “Zane” engraved into it, next to a clearly raided bag of gold, containing 10s remaining pieces.

DC25 (History) on Apocalic Plains- You recall the name of the Apocalic Plains, it was a terribly important land in the past, and something to do with a myth. (30) That was it! A legend, a creature known as “The Shard” lived there, and spent its time attacking evil creatures who would enter the area. (35) The creature was supposedly “designed” to attack evil-doers.

Mountains- Many caves, takes two days. First cave a dead body, with a large hatchet designed for cutting down trees in his hand, second has ghosts. A third cave contains a small blue dragon and treasure- treasure is 12gp and a set of mithral chain. Pg 48, pg 49 robe of contingency.

You pass over the final mountain, and find a relatively small plot of land out in front of you. There is a small wood to your left, consisting of less than a hundred trees, searching the wood finds no creatures, but a large dirty canvas along with 200 feet of rope and a blueprint for a raft.

While crossing over the water, you are attacked by a school of flying fish.
12 Fish

AC 30(in water) 15 (on deck)- others are 20 XP-100
Iniative- fish, pcs, fish, pcs, etc.
+6 v AC
Flying bite- Jump across the entire raft and bite the target for 2d6 damage.
(Miss) flop around on deck for a turn, then get back into the water.

Lost Hope- A man comes up to you from the distance, although you’ve been walking for hours with no sign of anything but the mountains in the distance.

I’m a riddle in nine syllables,
An elephant, a ponderous house,
A melon strolling on two tendrils
O red fruit, Ivory, fine timber!
The loaf’s big with it’s yeasty rising
Money’s new minted in this fat purse.
I’m a means, a stage, a cow in calf.
I’ve eaten a bag of green apples
Boarded the train there’s no getting off.


Very well, I shall help you to escape, but if you can answer this correctly, I may even lend you a hand, some information, or an item even.

There were once two young princes, constantly bickering until their father the king grew tired. He forced both boys to stand on a single piece of printed news, in such a way that they could not touch one another. How did he do it?

Gives either
-Go to the mountains, there you will find the true Shard, perhaps he can help you.
-The townspeople have been betrayed, and believe that they know which is the true Shard and which one is false.
-pg 69 Gamblin’

I come in darkness, but fill the mind with light.
I bring enlightenment to some, while gripping others in the hand of fear.
With me it can be a journey of inexplicable joy and sorrow.
What I will show you will often be unreachable.
Journey with me and what you see may haunt you.
Journey with me and you may never want to return home.
Journey with me and you will never know when it will end.
What am I?


River- More fish, another 12, while crossing the bridge

Plains- When they get to the town, they won’t let them in. They do, however, suggest that they spend the night in the caves rather than out in the open.

Caves have the real Shard, and he tells how he has been exiled, and the townspeople are keeping a false, evil shard in the town rather than the true one. He is corrupting their minds. The guy wields a magical sword, that in itself is actually “The Shard”, forged from a piece of Bahamut’s greatsword. It will never miss a target, but should it ever be used to draw innocent blood, it will be destroyed, removing his influence from the world. Should this be done by an evil creature, it will corrupt the sword for evil.

They let you in the town w/ The Shard, you are immediately betrayed and wake up underground somewhere, with all your weapons removed from your person.
They are on the other side of the wall, you are tied up (STR mod vs 15 for ropes)

Big ol’ battle. The evil shard trashes “The Shard” and you gotta fight him.

Corrupted Human x5
AC-18, Fort 15, Ref 15, Will 5
HP- 40
(Melee) Morningstar (+6vs AC, 1d8)
Self Sacrifice- The human reaches into his pouch, removes a dagger, and slits his own throat, killing him. ½ of his life is passed to any creature within 10 squares.

The Evil Shard
(All stats are halved if he didn’t destroy the sword)
Initiative- Goes First
AC- 22, Fort 17, Ref 17, Will 16
HP- 120
(Melee) Corrupted Shard, or short sword (8vs AC, 1d12)
(Melee) Vampiric Strike(Req CS) (
5vs AC, 1d8 is gained, double is gained for crit)
(Ranged 5) Corrupt (+5 vs Will, does 1d6 and target is immobilized (save ends)

Lore on Day I

Lathenes= Crystal city, home of the Azure Tome.

Great Valley= the valley between a crevice that represents the “civilized” part of the world, little do they know…

Eleit Conjurers= made the Azure Tome, 100 sacrificed themselves.

Azure Tome=Keep the crystal city safe, and therefore keeps the Viacal safe.

Viacal= The epitome of civilization, the most advanced and magical city that is known.

Rarick= The half-elf guide who led you to the information booth. Dinner plans at the Sparkling Tavern with his wife. The original defender of the book, and lives as long as it exists.

Rhodaria- Destroyed city, incentive to make the book.

Lore on Day II

Apocalic Plains-


Spiders in forest MM246
Followed by Kobold trap MM167

Vine= (-1) move
Clearing in the forest, town of Tristam.

Griswold-Smithy MM181

AC 25 on walls 60hp, 30 is “splintered” crit knocks it down.

Hidden passageway is under the alter.

Viacal is destroyed, burning in ruins. They attacked there first.






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