The Shard

A mythical creature, it is believed that The Shard holds a mystical Greatsword, forged from a piece of Bahamut’s own sword, and forged by a mortal into one of the most powerful weapons known to man. Legend has it that The Shard itself is the creature, and the wielder is only the creature that forged it, that the powers only come from within the sword itself.

The Mortal

The creature that forged this sword is said to have been an farmer, who spent his time trying to trick his fellow townspeople into paying higher prices for low prices. One day, the man’s good fortune brought him to the edge of his farm, where he found a scolding piece of skymetal. As he touch it to link the weapon, the edge of his fingers were severed by the sharp edge of the piece. Screaming, the man ran and did not return.

Several days later, the farmer scammed the local blacksmith, by selling the man spoiled milk. The blacksmith’s wife died from infection, and the blacksmith’s rage for blood flew. He ran to the farmer, and began choking the man for the evil he had done to his wife. Before he killed the man, the blacksmith stopped, knowing that this man’s death would not bring back his wife. Weeping, the man returned to his home while the farmer lay bleeding upon the ground.

The town’s court ruled that the farmer be exiled, and the land given to the blacksmith. The blacksmith accepted the land, and spent the next few years building an enormous tomb for his dead wife on the land. While working, he found what he thought was an extra piece of metal, and nearly cut himself on it. Fetching his gloves, the man returned and carefully examined the metal. He found it to be unlike anything he had ever seen, and took it to the village temple to have it examined by the priests. They told him that it carried the essence of Bahamut within it, and they blessed it so that it could do no harm to innocents. The priests and the blacksmith were then able to easily handle the metal, and the blacksmith framed the shard in his home.

Several years later, a plague began spreading through the town, bringing out the evil in all creatures. It killed many of the townspeople, and corrupted nearly all. The blacksmith and some others were not affected, but the townspeople who were attack the innocent. The people could not contend with their unholy strength. The blacksmith held back the creatures best he could, but found himself pushed up against a wall in his home. His weapon clattered to the ground, and as the creatures attack him, the shard rose from the case, and began to shine like a star. The blacksmith sat amazed on the floor, as the shining metal destroyed the evil creatures, and then lay itself down at his feet.

The blacksmith then forged the shard into a weapon, an enormous great sword. He used the excess to forge an intricate necklace. He placed a portrait of his wife inside the necklace, and wore it around his neck.

The man is said to have spent years traveling after his town was destroyed, until he found a town similar to his own, that he vowed to protect. The people there calling him The Shard, after his weapon.

The Sword

All that is known of the sword is that it is bound to the who owns it by means of holding prolonged or gaining from another. Also, the sword was corrupted by a powerful man from the Apocalic Planes. Since it’s corruption the sword does extra damage to good people and much less to the more evil of society. It’s current owner is Zion who has vowed to forge this corrupted blade into something more beneficial to himself…

That is all that is known of the sword for now…

The Shard

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